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Thank you for your interest! It is our pleasure to highlight one of the most prestigious concrete construction firms in the United States. Premier Concrete continues to be recognized for its commitment to service; we are very proud of our tradition of excellence and look forward to working shoulder to shoulder with our team members each day. Premier Concrete was in founded 1986 with hopes of raising the bar in an industry where there was room for growth and innovation. We continue to learn and improve on a daily basis and, with our extended team’s help, we continue to build a company that is unmatched in terms of its level of quality, commitment, work ethic and service to those who depend on us.

Premier Concrete Inc.

At Premier Concrete, accomplishing our mission is beneficial to both our employees and to the longevity of our company. Every member of the company, regardless of title and tenure, is an important member of our team. All opinions are both valued and counted upon as we progress on a daily basis. There is no question that our collective success is built on the recognition of the skills and contributions made by our team members and our goal is to work with our teammates so they have a fulfilling and meaningful career.

You should know we believe that dignity and respect is everyone’s business, both those who work with us internally and those that depend on us externally. And, in addition to great product and service quality, sound customer service is the key to our future. Our customers are our lifeline; without them, none of us will succeed. As we go about our jobs each and every day, over-delivery for customers and helping our teammates succeed is an expectation. Here is what we are committed to:

If you are interested in joining our terrific team, please contact Jim Workmeister at 410-344-1604 ex. 27 or email Jim Workmeister at upon emailing Jim, please attach a professional resume. ALL EMPLOYMENT INQUIRIES WILL BE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.